Anti Stick Coatings
Detonation Coatings
Rubber / Polyurethane / Composite Covers


Smaltiriva RELEASE Coating “PC” and “SR” Systems

  • Easy-to clean surface
  • Release coating must be able to keep clean rolls from stickies and convey them to a collection point
  • Release coating must be abrasion and abuse resistant to felt
  • Release coating must not damage felt

 Release coating systems on:

  • Dryers Dry-end - Felt guide rolls - Paper guide rolls

 Traction coating systems on:

  • Pope rolls - Winder rolls - Cutter rolls

 Special coating systems for:

  • Steam boxes - Suction fans - Cleaner pumps (experimental stage) - Vacuum pumps (experimental stage)

All coatings are applied by specialist on site directly on the papermachine.

Praxair Detonation Coating

  • D-Gun®
  • Super D-Gun®
  • High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)
  • Plasma
  • Low Pressure-Plasma (LPPS)

Detonation Coating - Paper Industry Applications

Applications Benefits

  • Increased time between regrinds
  • Maintained crown profile and surface finish (Ra)
  • Plus these additional benefits for specific applications

 Suction Rolls

  • Extended shell life
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved fabric life

Stainless Steel Grooved Press Rolls

  • Extended life
  • Maintained groove profile
  • Reduced vibration

Press Rolls (Center and Top)

  • Improved, more-consistent sheet release
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Improved doctorability

Drying Cylinders

  • Extended shell life
  • Improved, consistent heat transfer
  • Improved, more-consistent sheet release

Calender Rolls (Hard Nip, Soft Nip,


  • Improved, more-consistent gloss
  • Improved, more-consistent smoothness
  • Improved cover life on mating rolls
  • Elimination of deckle marks

Coater and Size Press Rolls

  • Improved doctoring and cleanability
  • More consistent fluid transfer

Reel Drums, Winder Drums

  • Improved, more-consistent sheet traction

Fabric Rolls, Vacuum Rolls, Paper Rolls

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Improved fabric life
  • Improved, consistent sheet release

 Praxair has the right solution.

Praxair® coatings maintain roll profile and surface finish over extended periods of time providing papermakers with:

  • Better, more consistent sheet profile, smoothness and gloss
  • Improved machine efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced maintenance and roll replacement costs.

You are assured of the highest coating and finishing quality available in the industry.

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Rubber Covers / Polyurethane Covers for functional and guide rolls
Roll covers for press section, suction press rolls, tamboure size press-, coater rolls etc.
Composite Covers for roll coatings calender rolls, centre press rolls, guide, drive, and breast rolls

•  Rubber covers – natural and synthetic rubber
•  Composite covers – fibre-reinforced materials
•  Polyurethane covers – rotational and vertical casting
•  Ceramic, metal and chrome covers