Expanding and Winding Shafts, Winding chucks

Expanding and Winding Shafts, Winding chucks
For the winding and unwinding of paper, plastic and metal, with and without cores

Roll clamping elements
Expanding and Winding Shafts
Winding Chucks and Winding Trunnions
Bottom-Knife Shafts and Friction Shafts


Spanntec 4.0 – Touch the Future

One of the guiding principles in the highly current topic of Industry 4.0 is the networking of production components and employees with the digital world. Optimizing processes, automating and taking responsibility from employees is the motto.

A special process at Spanntec Wickelsysteme GmbH is the service request for Spanntec products. This process is particularly important to us because it includes direct contact points with our customers. In order to simplify and automate this process, both on the part of our customers and on the part of Spanntec, we have developed the Spanntec Service App.


Spanntec Service App

For orders received from 01.07.2016 all Spanntec products will be equipped with NFC tags. The Spanntec Service App is available to our customers free of charge as of 01.08.2016 in the Play Store. These NFC tags are scanned using the app to identify the product. In addition, the app offers the opportunity to obtain information about a Spanntec product and to request a service request for the Spanntec product.





Mobile Shaftpuller

Operating range

  - Handling device for shafts up to 300 kgs and 4 meters length
  - Low expenditure of force during the insert or pick of the winding shaft

Characteristic features

  - Ergonomic shaft handling
  - Multistage travelling gear
  - Sensitive adjustable lifting unit
  - Hydraulically actuated safety locking clamping mechanism


  1. Mobile Shaftpuller
    A. Chassis manually moveable   
    B. Chassis with multistage, electrically driven travelling gear
  1. Lifting mechanism
    A. with hand-operated hydraulic
    B. electro-hydraulic​